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AAAK "The Collection"


AAAK "The Collection"

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CD1 - Back In The Buildingscape
01. Sharpshooter
02. Time
03. Cruise Control
04. What Are We Here For?
05. Brain Drain
06. Outland
07. Sleep Freeze
08. Two Watching
09. Pain Amplifier
10. I Will Return
11. Fast Cars
12. Concrete
13. Crash
14. Big Fist
15. We Fall Alone

CD2 - Unreleased Demos & Live
01. Salamandar Stomp
02. The Bastard Of Shitsville
03. Man Design
04. Drillzzzz
05. Uberspiellen
06. Gimme Power
07. Hammer
08. Buildingscape Beat
09. Interlude
10. Blast Contrastor
11. Praise De Juppa
12. Suspended In Time
13. I Believe
14. Blessed Hatred
15. Billy !!!
16. Evacuate The City
17. Can You Read Me?
18. Corruption


25 years after having been founded and 20 years after its last release, the British EBM band AS ABLE AS KANE (AAAK) puts an extensive overview of its artistic work into the CD shelves. It's not a best-of compilation listeners can expect but rather the musical development of one of the few British bands in the EBM genre. AS ABLE AS KANE (Ding - programming/instruments & Paul R. - vocals) don't belong tothe popular bands, and would probably already have been forgotten in the EBM scene, hadn't they published their "BIG FIST" CD in 1990 with KK Records. The Belgian label, which sadly doesn't exist anymore, was at that time and still is one of the most influential labels for the first and the early second generation of Electronic Body Music. AAAK joined the group of illustrious names such as Vomito Negro, 2nd Communication, The Force Dimension, Cat Rapes Dog, Insekt oder Numb, and survived the past years. In the active years of AS ABLE AS KANE, when music still was mostly "hand-made" and you couldn't create a song just by a few clicks of the computer, they composed their first demo songs which found their place on the second CD of "THE COLLECTION" in newly mastered form. Not clean and catchy but with a mix of punk, old school industrial and electronic noise, the old demo tracks are not what you would call danceable ear candy. Nevertheless, you can immediately sense that they loved to experiment and searched for a new, individual musical style which always did without being constantly compared to other bands. However, the real and completely newly mastered heart of ?THE COLLECTION? is on CD 1. Most of the 15 titles were already on the two regular albums ?Buildingscapebeat? (1989) and ?Big Fist? (1990). The 16-page booklet in which AAAK mastermind Simon 'Ding' A. gives an overview worth reading about founding, end and revival of his band makes the double CD perfect. CONCLUSION: Even if it doesn?t argue for a CD if you call it "suitable for the club" nowadays, it is beyond doubt that you can and should do it in case of ?THE COLLECTION? by the British band AAAK. "Suitable for the club? from the beginning to the end, 100 % electronic body music and completely timeless, AAAK from Manchester are an impressing representative of the first generation of EBM which will also easily convince EBM people and electroheads of today!

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